York Baby Photographer: A 5 Month Old Baby Shoot at Home

Hello! Here’s another beautiful baby to make your ovaries tingle, ladies! This week I was paid a visit by this photogenic pair and we got some amazing shots.

My newborn and baby shoots take place at home so everyone can feel comfortable and relaxed. You know by now that my style is natural; I don’t go in for the over-posed baby malarkey! For me, it’s about capturing your baby and your family as you really are so that you always have that moment in time to look back on and remember how sweet they were.

I like to keep it pretty simple but I do love to incorporate favourite teddies, blankets and anything really personal to your family. You’ll see in this gallery a photo we used of baby’s Grandad - a lovely, personal touch.

Don’t be put off if you feel your home is a bit small or cluttered. I can (and do!) work with pretty much any scenario. So long as there is a window we’re onto a winner. I may just need to clear a little space and move the odd bit of furniture to make sure the light is flattering and the shots are crisp and clutter-free for the best effect.

Expecting or know someone who is? Or maybe you’re a new parent? I love shooting babies of all ages and stages. Do get in touch for more info.

Email me at: contactamy@amyjordisonphotography.com

Now here are some highlights for you to enjoy!

York Newborn Photographer - Baby William

It's been a super-busy month with 4 beautiful newborns, 2 family shoots and a wedding starting with this scrumptious then-two week old, his two lovely Mums and his proud big brother.

The light in this house was sooo lush, especially in the master bedroom, which is where I usually kick off a newborn shoot. Plus they are a very tidy bunch! All = a very happy me! 

It was a coincidence that this shoot was on the day of York Pride but it felt just perfect and it was great to be able to share one of the images on that day. William is a very special, very loved baby, not least by his handsome and caring big bro: such a friendly and charming young man! I loved sneaking a few portraits of him in his gaming den too (oh, and we couldn't leave out the cat)!

William wanted lots of feeds and cuddles on the day, as two week olds do! All completely fine by me - I love the opportunity to shoot those in-between moments and have a good natter with the new parents about the pregnancy, birth and all things baby!            

It was a pleasure to meet this lovely family. They should be really proud of what they have achieved and I'm sure they have many adventures ahead!

Here are a few of many highlights!

Amy xx

York Newborn Photographer - Baby Sadie

You may remember the big smiles of these two from my visit to Manchester a couple of months ago - one pf my oldest friends and her new little girl...Here they are again looking equally happy and gorgeous here in York this month. Little Sadie is 5 month sold now and is the perfect little muse, letting me try out some new shot ideas. She did have a very cheeky nappy-free moment all over her Mum who then had to drive home in wet jeans. Sorry about that, buddy! Can't wait for the next shoot soon and to see how she's changing. 

York Newborn Photographer - Baby Harris

Oh I love this 'job'! Meeting lovely, proud parents and photographing their brand new mini-people is such a happy experience. I love the gentle atmosphere in a family's home when a new baby has arrived, even if it feels chaotic to them! 

This week was no exception when I went to photograph beautiful little Harris. It was the last day of Dad Kenny's paternity leave and the new family had obviously been doing really well adjusting to the feeding and sleeping needs of their new bundle. 

As usual with my newborn shoots, we went at Harris's pace, stopping for feeds, changes and breathers when he needed to. I usually include a section when we wrap the baby and they love this! Harris wasn't too sure to begin with but once we adjusted the wrap to let his little arms out, he was happy as Larry and very calm for the rest of the shoot.  Sophie and Kenny commented that it was actually the calmest he had been so far - hooray!

It's funny that newborns are often super-chilled out during their shoots, especially when they are wrapped. They love the lens and will often stare right into it, even though their little eyes haven't adjusted to the world yet. It's amazing. Of course, babies do cry and that's fine too! The it's time to stop for a feed and a cuddle, and I love to capture all those moments too.

Wishing Sophie, Kenny and Harris every happiness in their new life in York and as a family of 3. I'm sure they will have many adventures ahead.

Enjoy some of their highlights below! For more newborn loveliness, see my 'Baby Love' gallery.

Amy xx

York Newborn Photographer - Baby Sadie

This was a special one! A couple of weeks ago, baby on board, I popped over to visit one of my oldest friends, Laura, and meet her new arrival, lovely little Sadie. Our old school friends will remember us as being thick as thieves as will her lovely Mum who put up with quite a lot from our adventurous/imaginative antics back in the day! Happy memories!

Over the years our lives have taken different paths and been busy so we haven't seen much of each other, such is life. Thanks to good old Facebook though we kept in touch sporadically and I was just dying to catch up and meet Sadie when she arrived. 

It was such a lovely day and so heart-warming to see Laura take to her new motherhood role like a pro! I brought my camera along of course and even though we didn't do a full-on shoot, we captured some stunning images all in about 20 minutes, if that! I just love the smiles in these shots and the relationship between them shines through, even at just 11 weeks young. I can't wait to see them again soon!

Here are some of the highlights:

York Newborn Photographer - Baby Orry

Just look at this little guy's 'do! You just can't beat a tiny tot with a full head of hair! It was so lovely to photograph scrummy Orry a couple of weeks ago. Here are a few highlights...