York Baby Photographer: A 5 Month Old Baby Shoot at Home

Hello! Here’s another beautiful baby to make your ovaries tingle, ladies! This week I was paid a visit by this photogenic pair and we got some amazing shots.

My newborn and baby shoots take place at home so everyone can feel comfortable and relaxed. You know by now that my style is natural; I don’t go in for the over-posed baby malarkey! For me, it’s about capturing your baby and your family as you really are so that you always have that moment in time to look back on and remember how sweet they were.

I like to keep it pretty simple but I do love to incorporate favourite teddies, blankets and anything really personal to your family. You’ll see in this gallery a photo we used of baby’s Grandad - a lovely, personal touch.

Don’t be put off if you feel your home is a bit small or cluttered. I can (and do!) work with pretty much any scenario. So long as there is a window we’re onto a winner. I may just need to clear a little space and move the odd bit of furniture to make sure the light is flattering and the shots are crisp and clutter-free for the best effect.

Expecting or know someone who is? Or maybe you’re a new parent? I love shooting babies of all ages and stages. Do get in touch for more info.

Email me at: contactamy@amyjordisonphotography.com

Now here are some highlights for you to enjoy!

York Newborn Photographer - The Joy of Lark!

This Summer, I was lucky enough to photograph brand-new mini human Lark at home with her family. This was the latest in a run of recent lifestyle newborn sessions with scrummy babies and loved-up parents and siblings which have been perfect for getting me in the mood to meet the inhabitant of my own bump!

Lifestyle newborn photography is very different from studio/posed newborn photography.  It is more relaxed and free flowing with a focus on simplicity, connection and storytelling. Looking at the images from this session, if I were to give this story a name, it would be 'Joy'. Mum Lilley is a yoga teacher and the family all practice. Those happy yogic vibes are definitely shining through! 

I'm sure you'll agree that Daniel is one lucky man to be surrounded by these three lovely ladies. Big sis Tulsi is exuberant in her new role and Lilley looks just beautiful despite the scary two-hours-of- sleep-a-night that she speaks of! I hope that the radiance of new-motherhood is half as kind to me! As for Lark, well words are not needed - have a look for yourself in the 'best bits' gallery below!

Visiting families' homes at this special time is always a privilege. This is a particularly beautiful home having just been renovated to Daniel's clever architectural designs. The stunning, colourful bathroom made a great backdrop for some unique family portraits. And it's reassuring to know I'm not the only one embarking on a renovation project in pregnancy/newborn state! In fact, several of the mums I have met lately are doing the same -   crazy people that we are!

Lilley had these kind words to say about their shoot:

"Amy has a super eye, and a lovely calm, patient manner. She managed to capture the best of all of us for our family shoot. Can't recommend her highly enough."

I specialise in natural, honest newborn photography, servicing York and surrounds.  Like what you see? Then do get in touch. For me it's not work, but joy.

York Family Photographer - Shoot in Nottingham's Wollaton Park

It's looking a bit grey outside just now but this wasn't the case when I travelled to my old stomping ground, Nottingham, for this fabulous family shoot a couple of weeks ago. 

It was lovely to hear from my old friend a while ago as she had seen some of my family portraits online and wanted to book a shoot in. Sheena and I worked together nearly a decade ago now (eek!) before the days of children, so it was great to catch up and meet her gorgeous young family. The sun shone for us as we walked and played our way around the park.

The children were so good and so at home in front of the camera! They had fun running right at me, snuggling under fairy trees, blowing dandelions and generally looking cute-as-can-be in all the stunning locations around the park.

These portraits are not to be shared online but Sheena's lovely review sums up our shoot nicely:

"We have just had our first family shoot with Amy. Wow is all I can say. Such gorgeous photos we can treasure forever. She really captured our little family as it was. The photos were just what we wanted, natural and in a natural setting. Thank you so much Amy. Can't recommend you enough."

Thank you, Sheena!

I love to travel to new shoot locations (especially when the sun is shining!) so let me know if you have got somewhere in mind for your own set of natural and timeless family portraits.

Amy xx

A Family Photoshoot on Location in Sunny Mallorca!

Well, not a shoot exactly but rather a sunny holiday with a few pics thrown in. You can't beat a week of nothing-to-do-but-lie-in-the-sun! I just love those lazy mornings: a coffee in the sun; kids lying in post-late night; the "What do I need to do today? Oh yeah, nothing!" And of course, I love a new and beautiful location to shoot in so here are a few best-bits. I'm always open to requests for an on-location shoot where the sun is involved! 

Family Photoshoot at Home in Yorkshire- The Sutcliffes

It is always lovely to be asked to do a re-visit to any family that I have worked with so I was delighted to hear from Kal about doing another photoshoot for her family, around a year and a half since their last one. When we first met, the girls were a newborn and a one year old and I had not long started my business, so we have all evolved a lot since then!

The brief was to capture some memories of every-day activities in their home as this is a family soon to be moving onto pastures new. This documentary style suited me down to the ground as I was able to snap away in the background while the girls played, read, bounced, coloured in, had hair done and made a cuppa. Peppa Pig even got in on the action for some TV-viewing shots!

As you know, I am a lover of light so it was also great to be able to take a stroll/cycle ride outdoors near the house and some of my favourite shots from this day turned out to be the ones taken on the bridge over the river. Just look at those gorgeous faces!

Wishing the Sutcliffes lots of luck and happiness for their move and looking forward to seeing them again in around a year when the girls will be even bigger! 

If you would like to capture some memories of your family together at home or on location, do get in touch at contactamy@amyjordisonphotography.com. 

Children's Portraits, York: Amy Jordison Photography

My lovely niece has just been for a sleep-over. I fancied getting creative and she was happy to model for me - extra bonus! 

We took a little stroll up the road and captured these lovely portraits in just 5 minutes. She's a natural and wasn't phased at all by my snapping! 

Spring is nearly upon us and things are brightening up. Hooray! If you'd like some beautiful portraits of your children and family, do get in touch :).

Amy xx


A brisk family shoot on location in York

Hello! What with Christmas, an impromptu renovation project at home and a busy family life, it seems a long time since I posted and shared images from some more recent shoots. 

This one was a little different for me as it involved real-life teenagers and young adults rather than the pint-sized variety of child I am normally asked to photograph! It was an early start on a chilly morning in December- not the typical adolescent's preferred time of day, so we kept it short and sweet!

Don't they scrub up well though? Jo is an amazing single Mum and must be very proud of her three 'big kids'. Plus she looks damn good on it!

If you're interested in a family shoot at home or on location with kids of any age, I'd love to hear from you. Email me at contactamy@amyjordisonphotography.com. 


Had a little trip out for some cake and farm-shop action yesterday at The Balloon Tree near York. The changing expressions of the cake order really tickled me! 

Down in the woods today...

Had a lovely weekend in the lakes and was really pleased to be able to capture a few shots in the bluebell wood just before they say bye bye for another year. Also took a pretty stroll involving a little game of hide and seek among the wild garlic! Love the colours at this time of year. There are even some rare shots of me in front of the lens in this set!

A Bracing Morning!

A sleepless night and freezing temperatures weren't going to stop this four from braving the elements and still looking fabulous! We had a lovely walk around Roundhay Park and caught the last of the Autumn Leaves. These two girls were scrummy as can be (even though they had kept Mum and Dad up all night!). I'm so pleased they ventured out so that we could capture these lovely memories.