Prom Queens!

Boy, 16 year olds these days are a heck of a lot more glamorous than when I was that age! Mind you, that was the grungy ‘90s when we were out in pubs drinking pints!

This season, I’ve had the pleasure of photographing 2 end of Year 11 proms which has been a little different from my usual weddings, families and babies and has been so much fun! I know from home that these kids have worked insanely hard for their not-so-easy GCSE’s and really deserve this big celebration to mark the end.

Today I’m featuring some of the pictures from the amazing Mia Mae’s Archbishop Holgate’s end of year prom. We started at home for a few snaps with her proud family before moving on to her friend’s house to get some portraits with the rest of the gang. I loved photographing all the generations.

These girls were rocking the lot: dress (Mia Mae’s from Vavavoom), hair, makeup, shoes, nails and accessories! And the lads weren’t bad either!

Mia Mae deserved a good night out perhaps even more than most as not only has she worked flat out for her exams, but she is also a super-talented trampolining star and has competed in national competitions alongside doing her GCSE’s. You can read about some of her success here. I’ve seen videos of her in action and she’s just wow, wow, wow! Definitely one to watch!

Thanks to Mum and friend Helen for inviting me along, it was lovely to photograph the family and friends. Wishing Mia Mae a wonderful Summer of no revision and every bouncing success ahead!

Amy xx

Check out the beauty here:

Mia Mae had her makeup done at the John Lewis Bobbi Brown