A Newborn Shoot at Home in York: Baby Timothy

This little guy was in a hurry to meet his Mummy and Daddy! He was born in super-quick time a few weeks ahead of schedule! So when I met him for his modelling debut, he wasn't even quite yet at his designated birthday. This shoot took place two days before Tim's due date even though he was almost four weeks old - a first for me!

You'll see from these pictures how tiny and precious he is. Luckily, he's feeding like a champ and going from strength to strength. I bet he's already changed lots since our shoot two weeks ago. 

It always fascinates me when I photograph newborns how they seem to be able to see the camera even though their vision is so poor at that stage. They often become very calm and seem to stare right into the lens (the swaddling helps too)! Tim was no different and I just love the image of him staring right into the lens. I know his proud parents love this one too. 

I wasn't surprised to hear that everyone who meets this little star falls head over heels; he really is captivating. Wishing him and his family many years of health and happiness together. 

Amy xx

Newborn Photography At Home: Our Sweet Soren

I'm in love with all things newborn: skinny little legs, wrinkly feet, the softest cheeks to kiss, milky tongues, snuffly noises and most of all...this baby! He kept us waiting but stole our hearts when he finally arrived 11 days into extra time. Every moment lately is a photo opportunity. Shame the little monkey has me up all night guzzling which means my energy levels are running a little low for perma-photoshoots to say the least. Still, I did manage to capture some special shots of his first week on this earth (tonnes, actually!). Here are some of the highlights...

Must get the camera out again pronto as he's changing by the day. 

There's nothing as good as meeting your baby for the first time <3. 

York Newborn Photographer - Baby Eddie

I'm sat with my feet up (Very rare!) waiting for my own human bundle to make an appearance so what better way to get in the mood than to re-visit another recent newborn shoot with the scrumptious Eddie?

As always on these shoots, it was lovely to talk to new parents Jenny and Graeme about how they are settling in and their birth experience. I never expect tired and busy parents to do too much tidying ahead of a newborn shoot at home as I'm happy to do any necessary quick clutter-sweeps but this house really was picture perfect and oozing calm, which made for some instantly lovely back-drops. The family have recently had some renovation work done (I told you we're all at it!) which made for some homely shots and gave me further inspiration for my own project.

Big sis. Sophie is doing really well in her new role and is clearly besotted with her new mini-brother too - take a look!

I really enjoyed my morning with this family. I'll be taking a short break from newborn shoots for a few weeks - eek - but will be taking bookings again from October. I can't wait to hear from you!

Amy xx

York Newborn Photographer - Baby Seb

The theme for this shoot could have been 'let there be light'. Please! Remember that day a couple of weeks ago when the skies blackened and the heavens opened to the point where within an hour or so of rain, roads were flooded and York was in gridlock? Yep, that was the day I photographed this lovely newly-extended family. 

I had seen the forecast but as I was driving to the house thought that things seemed much brighter than predicted. Not for long! Just as we started shooting, someone turned the sky lights out, making this probably the darkest shoot I've attempted to date! And you know I love my natural light.

Our spirits were not darkened though and with a touch of cranked-up ISO, a wide open apeture, a bit of detective work looking for glimmers of light and a lot of happiness about this gorgeous new arrival, we managed to capture these cracking shots and more!

Thanks for having me round, Annie and family. You were super-chilled and made managing a two week old alongside a cutie toddler look like a piece of cake! Wishing you so much happiness for your future together.

Amy xx

York Newborn Photographer - The Joy of Lark!

This Summer, I was lucky enough to photograph brand-new mini human Lark at home with her family. This was the latest in a run of recent lifestyle newborn sessions with scrummy babies and loved-up parents and siblings which have been perfect for getting me in the mood to meet the inhabitant of my own bump!

Lifestyle newborn photography is very different from studio/posed newborn photography.  It is more relaxed and free flowing with a focus on simplicity, connection and storytelling. Looking at the images from this session, if I were to give this story a name, it would be 'Joy'. Mum Lilley is a yoga teacher and the family all practice. Those happy yogic vibes are definitely shining through! 

I'm sure you'll agree that Daniel is one lucky man to be surrounded by these three lovely ladies. Big sis Tulsi is exuberant in her new role and Lilley looks just beautiful despite the scary two-hours-of- sleep-a-night that she speaks of! I hope that the radiance of new-motherhood is half as kind to me! As for Lark, well words are not needed - have a look for yourself in the 'best bits' gallery below!

Visiting families' homes at this special time is always a privilege. This is a particularly beautiful home having just been renovated to Daniel's clever architectural designs. The stunning, colourful bathroom made a great backdrop for some unique family portraits. And it's reassuring to know I'm not the only one embarking on a renovation project in pregnancy/newborn state! In fact, several of the mums I have met lately are doing the same -   crazy people that we are!

Lilley had these kind words to say about their shoot:

"Amy has a super eye, and a lovely calm, patient manner. She managed to capture the best of all of us for our family shoot. Can't recommend her highly enough."

I specialise in natural, honest newborn photography, servicing York and surrounds.  Like what you see? Then do get in touch. For me it's not work, but joy.

York Newborn Photographer - Beautiful Bea

I am in love with this baby's barnet! She has the most adorable head of silky soft baby hair which meant I became quite snap happy with my favourite 'head' shot when I met her recently for her 2 week old newborn shoot! 

Little Bea was so eager to join the world that she arrived a couple of weeks early, so when these pictures were taken she had not even reached her expected birthday yet. Her doting parents have not had the easiest start since her birth, with some challenging medical issues to deal with on top of the usual newborn sleep deprivation. There were no complaints though: they are clearly besotted with their gorgeous girl, and who can blame them?! 

Luckily, Claire's parents are close at hand to offer support and I really enjoyed meeting them too for a few shots with the grandparents who are also clearly pleased as punch with their new granddaughter. There was a calm and loving feeling in the house and Bea quickly had me bewitched under her tiny spell when I sneaked a quick cuddle. It's a tough job!

This is one loved little lady! I really enjoyed this shoot with the extended family and hope to see Bea again as she grows. I have so many favourites it was hard to narrow it down but you'll get a good idea of what went on from the gallery below. 

If you like what you see and have a baby on the way, or know someone who does, do get in touch. I love, love, love a newborn shoot at home. As you can see, I love to capture families as they really are in those precious early days - genuine memories to last a lifetime.

Amy xx

A Newborn Shoot at Home in York: Millie's New Playmate

Being 'in the family way' myself and a busy working Mum with a house move and renovation project on the horizon (WHY do these things always happen at once?!), it can be difficult to find time to relax and focus on baby thoughts. This is why I have made pregnancy yoga, at the fantastic Stables Yoga Centre, a weekly priority for the last few months. It's a supportive place to connect with other Mums, which is how I came into contact with the lovely Miriam, featured here with hubby Kev, 3 week old bundle Sebastian and, not to forget, beautiful pooch Millie. 

As you can see, Millie stole the show on some of these shots. She's clearly delighted with her new mini housemate now that she has got used to him! The family are in that lovely hazy stage of milk, sleepless nights, getting-to-know-you and nothing else matters. Sebastian seemed quite entranced by the camera, as tiny babies often are amazingly, and 'posed' contentedly with a couple of milk interludes. It's a hard life!

I adored this house which the family are gradually renovating: the spacious rooms made the perfect backdrop. It really will make the perfect family home for years to come. 

You may not feel your most photogenic when you have just had a baby and haven't had much shut-eye for a few weeks, but the images from your newborn shoot are something you will treasure for the rest of your lives, as summarised by Miriam here:

"Thank you so much for our fabulous photos Amy. We absolutely love that you've captured the first weeks of our new family. We will treasure them forever. We highly recommend Amy Jordison Photography to capture your special moments šŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ˜."

I absolutely love visiting families' homes to photograph them when they are still in this milky bubble. The radiating love and amazement about what they have produced makes them extremely beautiful, no matter how tired! We take our time to get the shots and nothing is too posed: it's all about capturing you as you really are with your own things around you. No giant hairbands or wicker baskets here! If you like the sound of this and the look of the shots below, I would love to hear from you. 

Amy xx

Newborn shoot at home near York and a wedding to follow!

I blogged about this bump back at the start of October and now the little guy has finally arrived! Well not so little actually as he was weighing in at around 10lb when I met him at just 9 days old! Well done, Claire! He's so worth the wait and just look at that adorable pout! 

This little man has got an exciting year ahead as his Mum and Dad will be getting married next Autumn. They're going to have a very handsome little page boy on their hands! I can't wait to photograph their special day and hear all about the mischief that's been occurring. We even had a little festive fun - I think there may be some special Christmas cards coming up! 

Newborn Shoot at Home in York - Family of Four

Oh my ovaries! Just look at this beautiful 5 week old bub and his gorgeous family. Mum Lucy and I met around 4 years ago now before the birth of our first born gals at the brilliant Yogaco preggy yoga in York so it has been really special to be able to document their family over the last couple of years. Their first family shoot was almost a year to the day of this one: a lovely, leafy outdoor Autumn shoot.

When I heard that Sonny had been born, I thought it would be the perfect chance to try out some of my favourite newborn shots and styles with a family that I love to photograph; just look at those dazzling and natural smiles! Plus their lovely new house made the perfect backdrop. 

Despite the dark Autumnal morning, we managed to snatch some spot-on light to create this dreamy gallery. This really has been one of my favourite ever shoots to work on and I hope you feel half as obsessed as me! I just love big sister Bella's cracking smile and enthusiasm about her new brother, Sonny's perfect tiny features and his slightly squiffy eyes in that precious brand-new way.  There's no mistaking the special love oozing from proud Mum and Dad. 

I have recently adapted my newborn shoot package to include ALL of the best images from your shoot edited in the exclusive Essens style - no limit on the number! Give me a call or email to find out more.

I've included a few of my favourites here and you can catch the whole gallery by following the arrow to the link above.

Enjoy! Amy xx

A Newborn Shoot at Home with Twins!

I was really excited to be asked to do my first newborn shoot with twins! They didn't disappoint - double the squidge factor! It was amazing to see how in love the new parents are and it's no wonder with two beauties like these (and so well-behaved!) I can't wait to work on the rest of the pics from this shoot.