York Newborn Photographer - Baby Eddie

I'm sat with my feet up (Very rare!) waiting for my own human bundle to make an appearance so what better way to get in the mood than to re-visit another recent newborn shoot with the scrumptious Eddie?

As always on these shoots, it was lovely to talk to new parents Jenny and Graeme about how they are settling in and their birth experience. I never expect tired and busy parents to do too much tidying ahead of a newborn shoot at home as I'm happy to do any necessary quick clutter-sweeps but this house really was picture perfect and oozing calm, which made for some instantly lovely back-drops. The family have recently had some renovation work done (I told you we're all at it!) which made for some homely shots and gave me further inspiration for my own project.

Big sis. Sophie is doing really well in her new role and is clearly besotted with her new mini-brother too - take a look!

I really enjoyed my morning with this family. I'll be taking a short break from newborn shoots for a few weeks - eek - but will be taking bookings again from October. I can't wait to hear from you!

Amy xx