York Newborn Photographer - Baby Seb

The theme for this shoot could have been 'let there be light'. Please! Remember that day a couple of weeks ago when the skies blackened and the heavens opened to the point where within an hour or so of rain, roads were flooded and York was in gridlock? Yep, that was the day I photographed this lovely newly-extended family. 

I had seen the forecast but as I was driving to the house thought that things seemed much brighter than predicted. Not for long! Just as we started shooting, someone turned the sky lights out, making this probably the darkest shoot I've attempted to date! And you know I love my natural light.

Our spirits were not darkened though and with a touch of cranked-up ISO, a wide open apeture, a bit of detective work looking for glimmers of light and a lot of happiness about this gorgeous new arrival, we managed to capture these cracking shots and more!

Thanks for having me round, Annie and family. You were super-chilled and made managing a two week old alongside a cutie toddler look like a piece of cake! Wishing you so much happiness for your future together.

Amy xx