A Newborn Shoot at Home in York: Baby Timothy

This little guy was in a hurry to meet his Mummy and Daddy! He was born in super-quick time a few weeks ahead of schedule! So when I met him for his modelling debut, he wasn't even quite yet at his designated birthday. This shoot took place two days before Tim's due date even though he was almost four weeks old - a first for me!

You'll see from these pictures how tiny and precious he is. Luckily, he's feeding like a champ and going from strength to strength. I bet he's already changed lots since our shoot two weeks ago. 

It always fascinates me when I photograph newborns how they seem to be able to see the camera even though their vision is so poor at that stage. They often become very calm and seem to stare right into the lens (the swaddling helps too)! Tim was no different and I just love the image of him staring right into the lens. I know his proud parents love this one too. 

I wasn't surprised to hear that everyone who meets this little star falls head over heels; he really is captivating. Wishing him and his family many years of health and happiness together. 

Amy xx