York Newborn Photographer - Autumn Maternity Shoot on Location

You may recognise these two because they were my first wedding couple and feature on my cover page! I had heard their wonderful news about expecting a baby in October a while ago, so I was thrilled to hear from Ngoc about doing a maternity shoot for them. It was also my first outing with the camera since having my own munchkin a month ago, so it was a special occasion all round! 

The pair (trio) were visiting York for the weekend as they live in London. Brave Ngoc drove up just two weeks before the due date! She seems totally relaxed about the whole thing though, so I'm sure their baby will emerge very laid back! 

They were keen to capture an Autumn feel for their shoot and boy were we lucky with the weather! Do you remember that unusually warm weekend with the golden light we've just had? This, combined with a magnitude of crunchy Autumn leaves and the beautiful River Ouse as a backdrop, made the perfect Autumn scene. And how splendid does mum-to-be Ngoc look?!

Wishing them so much luck for what lies ahead, not that I think they'll need it!