York Baby Photographer: A 5 Month Old Baby Shoot at Home

Hello! Here’s another beautiful baby to make your ovaries tingle, ladies! This week I was paid a visit by this photogenic pair and we got some amazing shots.

My newborn and baby shoots take place at home so everyone can feel comfortable and relaxed. You know by now that my style is natural; I don’t go in for the over-posed baby malarkey! For me, it’s about capturing your baby and your family as you really are so that you always have that moment in time to look back on and remember how sweet they were.

I like to keep it pretty simple but I do love to incorporate favourite teddies, blankets and anything really personal to your family. You’ll see in this gallery a photo we used of baby’s Grandad - a lovely, personal touch.

Don’t be put off if you feel your home is a bit small or cluttered. I can (and do!) work with pretty much any scenario. So long as there is a window we’re onto a winner. I may just need to clear a little space and move the odd bit of furniture to make sure the light is flattering and the shots are crisp and clutter-free for the best effect.

Expecting or know someone who is? Or maybe you’re a new parent? I love shooting babies of all ages and stages. Do get in touch for more info.

Email me at: contactamy@amyjordisonphotography.com

Now here are some highlights for you to enjoy!