Yorkshire Newborn Photographer: Baby Charlotta

A Baby Revisit Shoot at Home in York!

Hello! This is the second of this week’s bumper baby blogs about my latest baby shoots, this one featuring 8 month old Charlotta. I photographed this stunner when she was a newborn back in August and I was really excited about the results from the amazing natural light coming in through huge windows at this house in contrast with their dramatic dark walls and furnishings inside. Not to mention the baby blues on this girl!

So when I was looking to collect a few more examples for my Guild of Photographers portfolio, I knew it would be wonderful to photograph Charlotta again now that she is older.

We created a little space in the living room where she could crawl around and play while I snapped. I brought a couple of props with me on this shoot for a bit of fun. Thanks to my daughter for the loan of her beloved giant TY teddies!

I’m delighted with the results. As I mentioned in my Aria blog, this set up was a little more staged than I usually do going into someone’s house for a lifestyle shoot but the pictures maintain the natural feel that I love so it’s given me ideas for future ways of creating stunning portraits when I do baby and family shoots at home. Very exciting!

If you’d like to see Charlotta when she was a newborn, you can see examples in my ‘Baby Love’ gallery.!

I love photographing babies of all ages with their families and I’m brimming with ideas of shots to try to make each shoot unique.

Had a baby recently or know someone who’s expecting? I’d love to hear from you!