Yorkshire Baby Photographer: Baby Aria

A Baby Shoot in My Own Home!

Hello! I’ve been busy lately focusing on my wedding work which has been brilliant but I have been missing my baby shoots! So it has been great this fortnight to have two beautiful babies to photograph. For a while now, I’ve been doing some work behind the scenes ready to submit for judgement to the prestigious Guild of Photographers and I just needed a few more specific examples so I asked these Mums if I could borrow their babes to model for me.

Followers will know that my usual baby shoots involve going to clients’ houses and photographing their baby/siblings/dogs exactly as things are which I love. It can sometimes be quite challenging in terms of the space and light available as you never know whet you’re going to get!

So this shoot and my next, which you can see here, were a little more staged than usual so that I could set up a few particular types of shot. I photographed 4 month old Aria in my own living room which I was able to set up as a mini-natural light studio. It’s has been so fun to try something a bit different with the way I shoot and I’m really pleased with the results, mainly because I think I’ve kept things in my natural style even though these shots were a little more pre-planned. I hope you agree!

I’m sure you’ll definitely agree that Aria is simply scrummy and so cute in her little hat!

For more examples, take a look at my ‘Baby Love’ gallery.

I love photographing babies of all ages with their families and I’m brimming with ideas of shots to try.

Had a baby recently or know someone who’s expecting? I’d love to hear from you!