York Newborn Photographer - Baby Sadie

This was a special one! A couple of weeks ago, baby on board, I popped over to visit one of my oldest friends, Laura, and meet her new arrival, lovely little Sadie. Our old school friends will remember us as being thick as thieves as will her lovely Mum who put up with quite a lot from our adventurous/imaginative antics back in the day! Happy memories!

Over the years our lives have taken different paths and been busy so we haven't seen much of each other, such is life. Thanks to good old Facebook though we kept in touch sporadically and I was just dying to catch up and meet Sadie when she arrived. 

It was such a lovely day and so heart-warming to see Laura take to her new motherhood role like a pro! I brought my camera along of course and even though we didn't do a full-on shoot, we captured some stunning images all in about 20 minutes, if that! I just love the smiles in these shots and the relationship between them shines through, even at just 11 weeks young. I can't wait to see them again soon!

Here are some of the highlights: