A Portrait Session in London with Booker Prize Shortlisted Author: Lucy Ellmann

Soooo, on Sunday I took some very exciting portraits!

This blog post is a big plug for the amazing Lucy Ellmann who, it has today been announced, is officially SHORTLISTED for The 2019 Booker Prize for her incredible book, Ducks Newburyport. Wow, wow, wow!

This is doubly exciting because Lucy has been published by the independent publishing company, Galley Beggar Press which happens to be owned by my talented brother and sister in law. They have done so well to break through in a world dominated by huge, rich, publishing firms. Very proud sister!!

The brilliant reviews for this unique novel have been pouring in. For a flavour, this one from the Guardian ain’t bad: https://www.theguardian.com/books/2019/jul/15/ducks-newburyport-by-lucy-ellmann-review

I met Lucy in London for some snaps in the flat she is borrowing with her husband, fellow writer, Todd McEwan. She hates having her picture taken so we kept it very relaxed in my usual style then gathered a few outdoor shots in front of some ace colours as we strolled for lunch at a little Turkish grill. All in all, not a bad day’s ‘work’!

Get yourselves to the Gallery Beggar Press website and buy your copy! And fingers crossed for Lucy and Gallery Beggar Press for the announcement of the winner on October 14th. Wouldn’t it be wonderful for the independents to win? And let’s face it, Margaret Atwood doesn’t need any more recognition, does she?!

Here she is, along with husband Todd and Galley Beggar co-owner, Eloise Millar: