Happy New Year - York Wedding Photographer

2018 was an amazing year! I’m still crazy about my lifestyle newborn shoots but I’ve taken my business in a new loved-up direction as well. Thank you to all my lovely, laid-back couples who made it so much fun! Also thanks to some of the U.K.’s biggest and best wedding blogs who chose to publish some of the brilliant weddings I have been lucky enough to shoot: Brides Up North, Boho Weddings and Whimsical Wonderland Weddings. This has helped give me the confidence to keep pushing forwards in pursuing my dreams. Yay!

I’ve had a much-needed break over Christmas and New Year with lots of family time, lots of food and (too many) drinks. My baby even let me have a few good nights sleep, hurrah! So I’m feeling recharged and excited about the year ahead and all the fabulous weddings (and babies) to come!

I love Christmas but I’m always ready to get back to normal life and making fresh plans by this time of year. Hope you’ve had a good one too!

Amy X

I love all the little story-telling details of a wedding that make each day unique and that so much thought has gone into: the flowers, the clothes, the sinage, the food and cake, the jewellery, the entertainment. I don’t always share those shots so I thought I’d share a few faves from last year here to give you a bit of a flavour. Hope you enjoy!

A couple of vendors to mention: Silverholme Manor, Tipi Unique