What happens when we book?

We’ve talked and you’d like to book. Yay! I’ll send you a booking form to gather a little bit of info to help me draw up your Wedding Photography Contract. Once I’ve received this back, I’ll create a personalised contract to meet the requirements for your wedding and pre-wedding shoot if you’re having one. I’l email this to you for signing. When I’ve got the signed contract back and your deposit is paid, the date is yours!

Help! We are camera shy!

You are not alone! Most people feel this way as we’re not used to having a camera shoved in our faces in our normal lives! Try not to worry, I’ll be in the background as much as possible on the day documenting it as it happens rather than directing it. And when I take your portraits and group shots, it will be very relaxed. I’ll give you a bit of direction to get the best out of the pictures but it will mainly a chat and a laugh!

Take a look at my testimonials for reassurance.

We know your style is natural but will you do some group shots?

Of course! But I do like to keep these to a handful - say 5 or 6 - so that they don’t start to dominate your day. I keep it quick and in my usual relaxed style so that everyone can carry on having fun!

Is a deposit required?

Yes, I ask for a £400 non-refundable deposit to secure your date.

What happens leading up to our wedding?

We’ll keep in touch with emails. If your venue is in York or close by, it’s good to meet there together at some point to have a look around.

About a month before, I’ll be in touch to ask you your final ideas about group shots and anything you want to let me know about.

Will you need feeding?

Yes please! It’s a long day so I’m always ready for some food. However, I know weddings are expensive so I don’t expect the works. Just a main course would be wonderful. I’m an easy guest - no dietary requirements! I take a breather away from the guests at this point and do some image back-ups but don’t worry, I won’t miss the speeches or any important moments!

Will you need accommodation?

If your wedding is more than a 2 hour drive or a later than usual finish - after 10 p.m. - then yes. That will be charged separately. Don’t worry, I won’t need to stay 5*!

Do you do pre-wedding shoots?

I certainly do! I love doing these as it’s a great way to get to know each other better and for me to find out all about your wedding plans. Most importantly, it really helps if you’re nervous about the camera. It makes couples feel a lot more relaxed about it as they see that my style is for us to have a little mooch about and a chat while I gently direct you into a few positions without it being to formal and posed.

These shoots usually take place a month or two before your day (mid-week in busy season!) in a rural or urban location depending what you’d like.

Will the pictures be colour or black and white?

Some of each! The majority will be colour but I do love black and white too so there will be a good selection in the mix. I make a judgement about whether pictures would look best in colour or black and white as part of the editing process. Some sections of the day may also look best in black and white.

Are you insured?

Yes, yes, yes!!

When will we receive our pictures?

My turnover time is 4-8 weeks depending on the season of your wedding. Summertime is busier!

What happens if you are ill on the day?

Good question! This has never happened as living with 3 kids has built up my immune system and made me pretty robust! However, if I really couldn’t get out of bed or there was some kind of emergency, I am in a strong network of regional photographers and I’m sure I’d be able to find an excellent photographer to step in for me.

Do you do wedding albums?

Yes indeed! You can’t beat images in print and albums make the perfect keepsake of your day that will last a lifetime.

I work with a company who produce stunning handmade, fine art albums using the best quality paper and prints. I design them for you using your chosen highlights. These are available in a range of sizes and colours and start from £350.

Have another question?

Get in touch using my contact form or drop me a direct email to contactamy@amyjordisonphotography.com