A Super-Stylish Shoot at the York Pavillion Hotel

The best way to learn is always to push yourself out of your comfort zone, isn’t it? Even though it’s not always easy. We all have more to learn no matter what our stage and skill set.

As a natural light obsessive, I’m always eager to take on extra training opportunities when it comes to flash as it can be a crucial part of your wedding day depending on the time of year/your venue and of course one of the best parts of the day, the par-tay!

So last week I attended an awesome workshop at the York Pavillion Hotel with a focus on different flash set-ups and I’m now happy to have a few more tricks in my armoury! It was also brilliant to meet a few more photographers from around York and ‘The North’.

The Pavillion is a really interesting venue with so much more to it than you can see from the frontage. Beautiful gardens, spiral staircases, dramatic corridors and themed rooms made for some spectacular couple and bridal portraits.

Take a look at the incredible hair and makeup from Alison Martin. Just wow!

Thank you very much to the talented Becki McPhillips and Matthew Kitchen for leading this great day of learning and sharing! Here are a few faves from the day: