A City Wedding at the Hospitium: Ellie and Grant

Ellie and Grant’s bad news turned out to be my good news when they got in touch with me quite close to their August wedding day after their photographer dropped out on them! I’d been recommended by a guest at another recent wedding which is always so much appreciated. Luckily I was available and delighted to be able to shoot their wedding at The fabulous Hospitium at The Museum Gardens in York.

Preparations took place at Ellie’s parent’s house with the usual mix of bubbles, nerves and excitement. I loved getting to know Ellie’s parents and bridesmaids - such a lovely bunch!

I started with my usual mix of detail shots. I love finding the dress, shoes, flowers, gifts and all the individual touches that are around as the girls get ready. Ellie’s amazing dress was well hidden in the front room, all curtains drawn in top secrecy from her dad. I was climbing on a sofa in there, as you do, to prepare it for some shots, when the blooming curtain rail it was hung on clean fell down! Argh! I felt so bad but was assured it had been hit and miss as to whether the rail would be strong enough to hold it (you’ll see that it was a mighty dress!). So that was a bit of drama to kick off events! Luckily, Ellie’s dad is handy with a set of tools being a clock repair master, and the topic of wall plugs even came up in his speech later: I couldn’t believe it!

You’ll see that Ellie’s dress by Anna Sorrano was such a masterpiece that she had to literally dive into it from the floor with the help of all her bridesmaids and Mum. Just brilliant!

The Hospitium looked absolutely beautiful for the ceremony adorned with blossom trees and arches by limelight wedding trees, stunning floral decorations throughout (Ibloom florists), twinkly lights, lanterns and flower petals. It was a quick dash from Ellie’s parent’s house to catch Ellie arriving in the Bentley (Superior Motor Cars) for the start of the ceremony. There was another bit of drama when the bridesmaid’s hire car drove off with all their bags and belongings in the boot. A speedy guest managed to sprint after it and recover all the items before it was lost in the thick of the York traffic!

After what seemed like a month of rain, the sun came out for the most perfect of days! We took two separate mini sessions for Ellie and Grant’s portraits, which I love to do as it means we can make the most of the different light conditions. For the first session, we took a cruise in their Bentley round to The Minster area where the glamorous couple were treated like celebs! Then we snuck out after speeches into the beautiful gardens in The Hospitium where we were treated to some stunning golden light. Heaven!

A highlight of the day was definitely the surprise musical performance after the speeches with Ellie’s dad on guitar. Ellie and Grant had no idea about it and their faces were a picture (literally in my case!). I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house following the two songs played by the group: a magic and unique moment.

This day really flew by for me so I must’ve been having fun too! I loved spending time with Ellie, Grant and their friends and families. And for them I hope that their original photographer dropping out turned into a silver lining! Or maybe gold?

The event organisers were fabulous too so thanks to them, especially for assisting me with my lighting set up for the first dance. Bonus!

Thank you so much, Ellie and Grant. Here’s to many, many years of happiness together!

Lots of love,

Amy xx