York Family Photographer: A Big Birthday Celebration Shoot!

Spring is here! Well it was last week! This has brought a flurry of family shoot enquiries to my inbox which makes me very happy as I’ve missed them over the dark Winter months.

People often ask me to do a family shoot to mark a special occasion. Some involve a bit of a journey to an amazing location (see my upcoming Blog post about my Fountains Abbey family shoot!) whereas some are closer to home.

This shoot proved that you don’t have to go far to get some fantastic family portraits as it took place literally at the bottom of my road (lucky me)! It was close to home for Emma and her family too as we happen to be neighbours! It’s always lovely to be asked to take photographs for a friend, with a little bit of added pressure thrown in as of course you want them to be extra happy with the results.

Emma had wanted some family portraits for a while and the event of her ‘big’ birthday seemed like a great time to get it done. She had felt a little apprehensive beforehand about whether it would be weird and awkward to have a camera in your face for an hour but soon felt at ease, she told me.

We had a lovely hour strolling through some wooded areas near home where the boys could explore the new Forest Schools dens and pathways. We then mooched back along the riverside towards the ever-photogenic Millennium Bridge, even finding some newly-revealed communal gym equipment along the way where the boys could play. Shame about the plastic wrapping left behind, ahem!

Like Emma (and me), someone in your family is probably hardly ever in the shots as you’re behind the camera. So it’s well worth investing in some beautiful, professional shots of you all together as those kids will be fully grown before you know it (sob!). I promise you won’t find it awkward as an hour flies by chatting and playing while I take some snaps along the way. You’ll soon forget about the camera and be amazed by the spontaneous not-been-seen-for-years hugging that often occurs between siblings!

Have you got a special occasion coming up?

Or maybe you’re never in the shots, your kids are growing too fast and you’d love some natural and relaxed family portraits like these?

I’d love to hear from you!