Doing it YOUR way!

Bridezillas, turn away! If you have obsessed about every little detail of your wedding day for years, from napkins to lipstick, then we may not be a match made in heaven! Of course, the wedding day is important to my couples but the main focus is on getting everyone they love together for a big celebration - it's not all taken too seriously.

My couples want to look fantastic, but not too stiff. They love a good drink, some great food and a big laugh! Their plan is for a relaxed, fun day that everyone will truly enjoy. 

Traditions aren't necessarily of utmost importance to my couples. Don't want to cut the cake? Fine with me! Thought of a first dance fills you with dread? No problem! I am not a big believer in convention and love something a little bit different so I really love to work with laid-back couples who are full of surprises! Anything goes these days; if you don't fancy all of the usual wedding traditions, I certainly won't be putting on any pressure. Just let me know.