This is me: Amy

I’ll let my images do the talking!


I’m crazy lucky that this is my job!

I love the people I meet. I love the places I go. I love creating something beautiful. I get to be part of the happiest occasions in people’s lives, what an honour!

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My Loves…

My crazy, lovely, busy family!

Roast dinners and glasses of wine, log fires, tropical beaches, NYC, old friends, renovating houses, soul music, good books, mountain views.

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My Specialities!

Relaxed, creative wedding photography and ‘lifestyle’ newborn and family portraits. My couples and families appreciate my calm, friendly nature and I appreciate their fun, laid-back style!


A bit of background…

Ten, even five, years ago, I could never have imagined where I am now. I was a primary school teacher in Nottingham City. It was a job I kind of fell into as I wasn’t sure what to do after a degree, MA and some part-time jobs and travel. I was good at it, but man was it hard! Teaching was incredibly rewarding at times and a privilege, but everyone knows it’s a tough slog and as my own family grew, it became harder to maintain the energy for it.

My passion for photography started after my daughter was born in 2013. I had a decent camera but, like many people, I didn’t move it off auto. I decided to go on a workshop to learn how to use it properly and the rest, as they say, is history!

I became obsessed! I practised and studied to learn more and more. I started photographing mainly babies and families as I had plenty of opportunities to practise on those! I took a diploma in my evenings, staying up late to learn about all aspects of photography; the technical and the business side.

There was a gem in my mind that maybe this could go somewhere…

Initially I focused on lifestyle newborn and family work which I loved, and still do! I had met a friend from Sydney when I was travelling in Asia a few years before; she is an incredible lifestyle photographer over there and she mentored and inspired me to hone this craft.

Gradually, I began to dip my toes into the work of wedding photography and I was soon in love myself! Before long, things took off enough for me to go full time with it and I haven’t looked back.

Photography and teaching may seem poles apart but I have found that there are in fact many similarities. Teaching taught me to be super-organised, something that helps me in running the many aspects of my business around a busy family life. It also helped me to feel confident in standing up in front of people – something you need at a wedding! Also, the similarities between managing 30 rowdy 10 year olds and herding drunk, excitable adults into group shots at a wedding are endless!!

I’m a firm believer in visualising something and it will happen if you want it enough. From small beginnings, I am now a national award winning wedding photographer, have been featured in many of the U.K.’s best weddings blogs and I’m booking stunning weddings with my dream couples!

I won’t settle though; there is always so much to learn and I intend to keep growing and improving.

I sometimes have to pinch myself at how lucky I am to now make a living doing something so damn fun! My colleagues are inspirational creatives who I love learning from. I no longer dread Monday mornings, in fact I LOOK FORWARD to them!

 My Style


I won’t be in your face!

My couples and families love my calm, unobtrusive style and I appreciate their fun, laid-back style in return!

I love natural photographs. and I want you to feel relaxed. For the most part, I’ll be in the background, observing and photographing your day as it happens. My goal is to preserve the real moments between you and your family, your children, friends and guests and of course between you as a couple. You’re planning to marry at an amazing venue and the style of photography to capture your day is important to you; you want to do justice to all the lovely details and special touches you are planning. You want your wedding photographs to reflect your day as it happens - the big moments and the small (I love the small!). You and your partner love a good time but may be a little camera-shy so you want to be able to feel relaxed and not posed

On your big day…

You’ve got the idea now that I love natural, relaxed photographs! To achieve this style, we’ll either be chatting, mooching about or having a stroll and having a laugh like friends while I snap away, or I’ll be in the background, observing and photographing your day as it happens. I want to preserve the real moments between you and your family, your children, friends and guests and of course between you as a couple. I’m more interested in you looking at each other than looking at the camera feeling awkward.

I'm happy to do a handful of group shots but I don't want them to dominate your day, so not too many! And as part of your wedding photographs, I will need about half an hour with the bride and groom alone to capture your unique love story. I often like to do this in 15 minute sessions so we can make the most of different lighting plus it won’t keep you away from your guests for long. Those aside, you're free to party!

My experience as a Mum, and also a teacher in my first career, enable me to build a relaxed, natural relationship with children and adults alike so you will feel at ease in front of the lens, no matter how camera-shy! Don’t worry if you feel a little nervous or self-conscious about my camera, this will soon be behind you. I'm calm; you and your guests will be too! I have had tonnes of positive feedback from clients who were amazed at what a fun experience they found their shoot to be and how much they enjoyed it.

My Images

When it comes to the style of my images and the editing process, I am all about creating a look for you that will stand the test of time and make you happy for the rest of your lives: beautiful portraits, emotional moments captured and all the details with a generous splattering of creativity! So artificial lighting effects are not really my thang! I use natural light whenever possible and do all my own post-production, editing each image individually into my signature style. I always aim to get it right 'in camera' in terms of the exposure, colour balance and composition, so that Photoshop a tool to enhance the scene as it really was, rather than drastically alter it or superimpose effects.

So, if you are looking for a relaxed and creative approach to your wedding photography then we will work well together. There will be no gimmicks, no elaborate or unrealistic effects; simply beautiful, natural and timeless images that will last a lifetime and will not go out of fashion. My aim is to tell the story of your big day in an unobtrusive way to produce images that you will cherish for years to come. From the moment you contact me I am there to guide you through the whole process.

 My Couples


"We had a fantastic experience with Amy as our wedding photographer. She captured the day brilliantly with her relaxed and natural style of photography and the finished photos are just stunning! As well as this, she wrote a beautifully crafted blog of our day which we will treasure forever. Thank you,Amy!”

Doing it YOUR way!

Bridezillas, turn away! If you have obsessed about every little detail of your wedding day for years, from napkins to lipstick, then we may not be a match made in heaven! Of course, the wedding day is important to my couples but the main focus is on getting everyone they love together for a big celebration - it's not all taken too seriously.

My couples want to look fantastic, but not too stiff. They love a good drink, some great food and a big laugh! Their plan is for a relaxed, fun day that everyone will truly enjoy. 

Traditions aren't necessarily of utmost importance to my couples. Don't want to cut the cake? Fine with me! Thought of a first dance fills you with dread? No problem! I am not a big believer in convention and love something a little bit different so I really love to work with laid-back couples who are full of surprises! Anything goes these days; if you don't fancy all of the usual wedding traditions, I certainly won't be putting on any pressure. Just let me know.