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"Amy has a super eye, and a lovely calm, patient manner. She managed to capture the best of all of us for our family shoot. We can't recommend her highly enough!"


Amy Jordison


I'm not going to shout about it: I'll let my images do the talking!

Fellow introverts will know it can be tough at times, making your voice heard.

The younger version of me did not always feel able to go for things.

But with age I realised...

Being 'quiet' is not a problem to be solved.

I'm a thinker, an observer. I reflect. I notice things.

I'm calm, laid-back.

Around 30 was a big turning point for me: a time when I felt confident to take a few risks and follow my heart.

Around this time was when I had my first baby and when I really fell in love with photography. I'd had a DSLR for a while but not learnt how to use it properly. When I dusted it off and started taking control of it, just wow, wow, wow! That was the beginning of my passion for capturing special moments and visual story-telling. I took the plunge to turn pro. through a combination of self-teaching and formal training and have not looked back! I’ve photographed babies, children, families and for local businesses since then and have now decided to focus on wedding photography, which I am really excited about!

I absolutely love everything about being a photographer: working with a range of fabulous and diverse people, getting creative, bringing a vision to life. It turns out that the more couples, babies and families I've photographed, the more I've bloody loved it! The best bit? The rush of presenting a finished collection of images, imagining how happy they will make people.

My photography journey has given me a burning passion for capturing romance! For the connection. For the love. I finally found a way to express couples' love stories as I observe them: calmly, sensitively, beautifully. There's no need to shout about it because the images scream for themselves.

A voice.

I try to teach my own children to celebrate who they are, be it 'loud' or quiet' and mainly just to go for it. Take a few risks. So that hopefully they'll find their true passion.

Like I found mine.

So what else floats my boat? My crazy, lovely, busy family! Roast dinners. glasses of wine (anything alcoholic goes, really!), log fires, tropical beaches, NYC, old friends, renovating houses, parties, soul music, good books, mountain views. A few Zzzs would go down well but I'm not there yet!

Sounds like you?

Then I want to tell YOUR story!